As Starcool company, our most fundamental goals are to employ the most efficient manpower, to provide high efficiency from the competencies and creativity of our employees, to increase their performance and to allow them to improve.

We consider each of our employees as a separate value, by creating individual development opportunities, we create a participatory work environment in which they can realize and develop their potential.

Each of our employees is a separate value for us, we prepare individual development opportunities and create a participatory work environment in which they can realize and improve their potential.

In order to establish a strong dialogue between our employees and our company, we organize internal communication activities and congratulate all of them with honors. We identify the needs of our employees in advance, develop and implement applications that contribute to their needs.

Respect for Human

Based on the principle that our employees are our most valuable assets, we aim to build our relations with our employees on healthy, lasting foundations and to work together for many years.

We care about employees health and believe that their success and happiness in the workplace are only possible with a healthy life. In this way, we offer a physical work environment in accordance with occupational health and safety regulations.

Main Goals

Establishing the human resources policies and practices necessary for achieving our goals,

To use human resources in the most effective and efficient way,

Employing the right people in the right jobs, selecting the people with the knowledge, abilty and talent required for the job and placing them in the most appropriate units,

Determining career goals according to employee performance,

To increase employee satisfaction, motivation and corporate loyalty,

Achieving success all together.

Human Resoruces Vision

To be among the best preferred in the sector by providing the best working conditions for our employees and increasing their performance and motivation.

To ensure that our most valuable asset, our human resources, consists of people who can adopt and develop the corporate values of our company.

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