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Selection and Placement

Human is the key to success.

The perseverance and creativity of hardworking, patient, indispensable people, assisting, willing to imrove and develop will be the source of our power.

In the long run success, depends on hiring the right people and employee continuity.

Our aim in the recruitment process is to recruit employees who will add value to the success of STARCOOL.


In STARCOOL, where an impartial and fair recruitment process is applied, applications are firstly evaluated by the Human Resources department. Department managers and Human Resources department conduct recruitment interviews for eligible candidates.

Recruiment Process

We reach our candidates from many different sources. After applying to STARCOOL, our candidates are evaluated by Human Resources in line with our ‘’Competency’’ and ‘’Legibility’’ catalogues.

According to the characteristics of the position, Human Resources takes candidates in ‘’competence based evaluation’’ processes. At this stage, besides the interviews, assessment center, personality test, general talent test and foreign language tests are performed when necessary.

Candidates who have completed all these processes positively are offered a job. As a result of the interviews, candidates who cannot be evaluated in the current position are informed.

Recruitment Process Steps

Competency Based Interviews; We aim to determine the work experience, competence and position suitability of our candidates.

Classical Interviews; In order to blue-collar candidates to express themselves more easily, the classical interview technique is applied. If necessary, competency-based interviews are conducted in blue-collar interviews.

Professional Personality Inventory; It is an inventory that we use to understand how our candidates work in the work environment, their approach to relationships with people, their reactions under difficult situations and how they deal with problems.

Training and Improvement Management

By providing training and development support to its employees, Starcool aims to contribute to their personal and vocational improvement, increase their performance and motivation in the workplace and maximize productivity. Various trainings are implemented for this purpose.

On-the-job Trainings

Worker's health and work safety


Vocational Trainings


As a member of the Starcool Family, we complete all necessary preparations before starting work in order to minimize the process of adapting to the new task and work area of all our employees.

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