Our Purpose

To meet the need of refrigerator and kitchen units for vehicles in the domestic and international automotive sector, as well as to improve our production and engineering capabilities and to provide products with high technology and standards in the automotive sector.

Our Target

To follow the innovations in the international market closely and to offer useful solutions to our business partners and customers with the principle of mutual benefit and to realize innovative projects.

Our Values

To meet customer expectations, to provide after-sales satisfaction and to be a solution partner. Production with an approach that cares people, environment and nature is to contribute to a better future. To approach our employees with confidence and respect, to pioneer them, to provide them with training and other opportunities to improve themselves, to believe that everyone will contribute to the success of the company, to appreciate and reward superior performance, honesty in all employee relations.

Service Policy

To provide customer satisfaction, competitiveness, reliability and stability in parallel with our purpose and values.

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